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Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Contoh Coordinat Conjunction dan Adjectife Clause

Coordinat Conjunction
1.      My supervisor called (him) and (me) to meet in his office.
2.      She tried hard but did not succeed.
3.      The software or the computer’s are crucial.
4.      Jhon’s and Jane’s repots are quite different from each other.
5.      A plamtop is (small) but (powerfull).
6.      The usually advertise their companies on the internet or in newspapers.
7.      The tested and the bugged the entire program last week.
8.      Screening the applicant and interviewing the best candidate require.
9.      I can trust neither (the manager) or (his secretary).
10.  A mainframe is (large) and (expensive).

Adjectife Clause
1.      I have read the book (that) you just mentioned (menerangkan kata benda buku).
2.      The lesson (that) she is learning is very difficult.
3.      She’s an excellent dancer.
4.      I’ve got a now aprtment.
5.      This is beautiful bird.
6.      I’m really happy today.
7.      She’s got a new job she feels greats.
8.      You look wonderful.
9.      This chicken tastes delicious.
10.  The man work very hard because need money to earn his living.

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